Van Moeller

Darkest Before The Dawn

Darkest Before The Dawn: How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It

        There are three miracles that tell us that Messiah will come soon. The first is Israel. No other people have had their nation destroyed and been aliens in foreign lands for two thousand years and then been able to reclaim their land and revive their country. The second is the European Union. It is the rebirth of the Roman Empire. The third is the Internet. This technological marvel is breaking down the geographical and language barriers that God erected at the Tower of Babel.
         The Bible reveals that our world will be ruled by a single government. (Daniel 7:23) Globalization is already a current buzz word. The EU is blazing the trail by integrating many different governments, languages, and economies. The threats of terrorism, nuclear holocaust, and environmental catastrophy will pressure everyone into accepting this new world order. It will fall under the control of one man who will follow in the steps of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. There will be another Jewish holocaust that will be more terrible than the first because it will be global in scale.
           What can we do? How can we escape? These are the questions answered in Darkest Before The Dawn. You will discover what history and the Bible tell us to expect and what we can do to survive the most desperate time that humanity will ever experience.
Understanding what God is doing in the world today and what the future holds.
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